Car Services

We have the latest equipment and capability to perform any type of servicing. We can fix all sort of issues related to cars and with us, you get the privilege of a service that cares for your investments. We have years of experience in servicing and repairing and therefore; we comprise the best team that can solve your car servicing issues. We have our prime focus on one thing; and that is that the trust that our clients entrust with is, maintained, restrained and even consolidates. To serve our clients’ interests in the best way possible, we exert with dedication, commitment, responsibility and remaining true to our values.  Some of the services that you can get with us include:.

65 point check up

65 point checkup list includes various checkups that are complimentary to be checked up for regular maintenance. Keeping your car in adherence with these standards ensures longer life and prevents development of serious issues. Moreover, it ensures your safety as well.


Lube Service/Oil Change

Changing oil regularly is vital because oil and lubrications are like the lifeblood carrying oxygen to our bodies. Regular oil change ensures that no impurities are built-up. Most oil & filter changes are done at 10-15,000 klm intervals. However, it depends on your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Checking your vehicle’s oil level regularly is very important.

Basically, oil generates a layer between various mechanical parts and helps reduce friction. Moreover, it regulates engine’s temperature. It is pretty simple to determine when your car needs an oil change. You can check your car’s oil easily by inspecting Regular oil change ensures that no impurities are built-up. odipstick. If the oil is light brown in color, then it’s okay. If the oil is dark, unclear and smells burnt, your vehicle would be in need of an oil change as soon as possible.


When we perform a routine Oil Change other than a Log Book Service, as part of that service, we do a number of complimentary checks.


Log Book Service

Log Book service includes maintaining your car in accordance with the specifications defined by the manufacturer. This ensures that your car service is done in such a way that your vehicle’s warranty is not disrupted and can be claimed if any major breakdown does occur. Log books generally contain an extensive schedule and if followed properly, maintains your car in a healthy condition.  It contains all the guidelines that need to be followed for the first 200,000 km. It guides your mechanic on how to and how frequently your car needs servicing. We take our utmost care to follow and maintain a car’s log book schedule because we understand that it is vital for your car’s life and its healthy performance.



​AutomaticTransmission Service


Automatic Transmission Servicing is often overlooked. However, fresh oil and filter change are as necessary as they are to an engine. An Automatic Transmission service generally includes removal of transmission pan to replace the filter and checking for contaminates & debris in the pan, which if present, may indicate a level of wear and tear, then renewing the gasket and refilling with transmission with transmission as specified.


How often should it be performed?

It depends on what your manufacturer has to say about it. For every car, there is a time, specified by the manufacturer, after which a transmission service should be performed. Generally, transmission servicing should be done every 12 months or 20,000klm intervals, whichever comes first.

How much does it cost?

On average a transmission service in a passenger vehicle is between $200-00 and $250-00. One of the things that often bumps up the price of a transmission service is the oil. When our business commenced in1981, there were 2 types of transmission oil, one for Holden and one for Ford. Today they are many and varied, and it is absolutely vital that the correct transmission fluid is used and some are considerably dearer than others.


Pre Purchase Inspections


We have regular enquiry for this service and are happy to say that it is something that we offer and involves a comprehensive list of checks and inspections with a full written report.



How to reduce car’s running cost?

We are not merely interested in providing our clients with repair services, but have special focus on educating our customers about their vehicles. Following is an article that will help you in reducing your car’s running cost. It will save you a lot of money which you can instead spend on complimentary maintenance and servicing. These are small and easy to adopt hacks that you can easily implement.

Use less acceleration: Avoid unnecessary acceleration. It can save you a lot of fuel. Savings can even mount up to 30% of the total cost generally incurred for fuelling. Moreover, driving decently will make you a responsible citizen. Check the tyre pressures regularly: Make sure that your car’s tyres are evenly inflated. Lower tyre pressures can lead to more fuel consumption, which ultimately adds up to the total running cost. According to an estimate, lower tyre pressures can cause the fuel costs to increase as much as 10%. Moreover, worn out shock absorbers or poor tyre alignment can lead to tyre replacement before time.

Regular Servicing: Investing in regular servicing of your car pays off as it avoids bigger problems. Regular service and maintenance ensures that minor problems are detected at the earliest, saving loads of money and time.

Run your car air conditioner in winter: This one can sound a bit weird, but it really helps. Turning your AC on in winters allows the system lubricant to circulate. This prevents many seals and hoses to dry out, which can lead to gas leaks. Gas leaks can cause you huge monetary damages.  

Regularly check your coolant: Make sure that there is adequate amount of coolant in your vehicle. Moreover, use a high quality coolant that has optimal acidity level. Ineffective or insufficient coolant can be detrimental to your car, causing extensive corrosion. 

Avoid carrying extra load: Refer to your car’s manual and check the maximum load that your car is designed for. Carrying more load increases fuel consumption and damages and reduces car’s healthy life

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